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How to stand out when outnumbered ????????
Posted:Oct 4, 2021 11:46 am
Last Updated:Oct 27, 2021 7:50 pm

Hello ,
Haven't posted my blog in a while but thought of a subject that should be shared :

How do you stand out from the crowd and get noticed enough actually have a conversation or meet ???

The ratio of men women is roughly 20 1......yup , for every female member are 20 members ......

Since is a high demand versus supply commodity this really puts the women in the drivers seat ......which is ok unless your messages , flirts, hotlist strikes and other forms of communication are getting buried in a deluge of the thing the lady you are chasing after. How often do you read a ladies profile that has a comment something like :
Hey thanks for all of the messages and flirts but I can't answer them all because are soooo many "....

Okay guys and gals : what do you do standout and get the ball rolling in the right direction???
Older or younger -- whos more sexual ?????
Posted:Sep 12, 2021 9:45 am
Last Updated:Oct 29, 2021 7:01 am

Good Morning,
Question for everyone : In your humble opinion who is more sexual , who has the larger appetite ---a younger woman or an older "mature" woman.???

Personally i vote for the older , mature woman . Women in their 50's and 60's have a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, and are very sexual creatures who appear to be very comfortable in their own skin, enjoy sex and can say without hesitation exactly what they like and what they want. All of this makes for a very exciting and satisfying experience overall .

Younger women obviously have a greater sexual appeal as they tend to be more attractive with sexier figures and overall great looks but for my money i vote for the older, mature woman who generates a much higher Sexual Market Appeal due to their amazing positive attitude, willingness to "go for it" when the time or circumstance is right .

Let me know what you think.......have fun on the playground !!!!!

Ghosting .....WTF !!!!!
Posted:Jul 30, 2021 8:37 pm
Last Updated:Oct 27, 2021 8:39 pm

Haven't written my blog in some time but i wanted toss the subject of "ghosting" out there and what my experience has been predominantely other "dating" sites.

I have never understood the trend of "ghosting" --- ghosting as you know is when the other person you are communicating with via text/phone /email / Instant Messaging suddenly stops and they simply disappear or go away never to be heard from nor knowing why they stopped or disappeared.

I literally have had at least a half dozen women do that to me this year alone --- we dated , I wined them and dined them , had sex with them , exchanged dozens and dozens of messages only to watch them suddenly vanish without explanation or excuse. Whats with this trend ????

My thought is good: if you don't have the maturity or courage simply tell that you no longer wish see just say it and be gone. Show a little courage and a little honesty would be also be appreciated . I would rather be told to fuck off than be abandoned like a little puppy on the side of the road ......kind of crappy behavior in my opinion. Your thoughts ?????
In and Out --- WTF !!!!!
Posted:May 31, 2021 4:41 pm
Last Updated:Oct 27, 2021 7:14 pm

Texting quirks on my mind this afternoon:

Have you experienced what I call the "In and Out" syndrome where you are texting frequently with someone until suddenly they stop responding and you figure they dont care or lost interest amd moved on only to suddenly, out of the sky blue ,you get a text from them after weeks or even months only to simply say Hello , brief message to you and then disappear again.......WTHF????

Texting poor etiquette:

Pet peeve of mine is to be having a very active text conversation only to have them suddenly, mid - conversation, stop talking. What ever happened to common courtesy where you say something like " hey I enjoyed chatting but I have to go now " or "enjoyed chatting and would like to chat more later , bye".

How about I put my dick in you , fuck for about an hour but suddenly pull out, hop out of bed and run out the door without saying a word !!!!!!!!
How do you respond to this question????
Posted:May 30, 2021 6:03 pm
Last Updated:Oct 27, 2021 7:22 pm

As on many social media sites it is very common have someone you have just begun having a conversation with ask:: what are you looking for? " The answer can have as many variables as you want -- I'm looking for love, for affection , for a relationship, a piece of ass , a FWB, LTR name it.

Is there a common denominator users have for an answer? Also, how honest and forthright are you in your response ?? Do you fudge it and say "Im only looking for a friend" or do you go to the other extreme and say " I'm looking for someone to add to my collection in my dungeon and hope your open minded about that ".......

I dunno --- I think about it , I go back to my profile and see if I covered everything in hopes that it drives more interest in my profile or should I stop thinking about it and simply say " did you know I have a cousin named Freddy Kreueger and would like to come over and watch NetFlix with us ? ...........

Thoughts please,
Another bat shit crazy woman
Posted:May 29, 2021 9:13 pm
Last Updated:Oct 27, 2021 7:32 pm

Yup -- ran into another bat shit crazy woman who never bothered to put on her big panties nor grew up enough figure out human relationships:

Her : hey since we're meeting in another town I thought why dont we spend the night together and drive home the next day? Can you go ahead and make the hotel reservations and I'll make the dinner reservation?
Me : that would be great, I''ll make the hotel reservation tonight.
Her the next morning: hey did you make the hotel reservation because you need to cancel it , I'm not that kind of person.
Me : arent you the one that was bragging to me on the phone you had 44D tits and really looked forward to dinner and staying the night together???
Her : I dont know what I was thinking but I need you to cancel.
Me : Tell you what , I'm done with you , please dont or text me again, I 'm not interested.

true story gang..........happened just the other day.

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