How do you respond to this question????  

yesoyes2021 69M  
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5/30/2021 6:03 pm
How do you respond to this question????

As on many social media sites it is very common have someone you have just begun having a conversation with ask:: what are you looking for? " The answer can have as many variables as you want -- I'm looking for love, for affection , for a relationship, a piece of ass , a FWB, LTR name it.

Is there a common denominator users have for an answer? Also, how honest and forthright are you in your response ?? Do you fudge it and say "Im only looking for a friend" or do you go to the other extreme and say " I'm looking for someone to add to my collection in my dungeon and hope your open minded about that ".......

I dunno --- I think about it , I go back to my profile and see if I covered everything in hopes that it drives more interest in my profile or should I stop thinking about it and simply say " did you know I have a cousin named Freddy Kreueger and would like to come over and watch NetFlix with us ? ...........

Thoughts please,

1deeptouch 79F  
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10/25/2021 6:28 am

I like your quandary. There's only one really good answer. Be honest and be specific. That will most likely speak to the person you seek and not waste your time with those who don't care for it. Win-win! It almost never works to waffle and then later try to talk the other into something they really aren't comfortable doing.


yesoyes2021 69M  
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10/27/2021 7:22 pm

I finally have concluded that when asked "what are you looking for " its highy unlikely the person asking that question also has no ideas what they are looking for so I do answer honestly only not in great detail or long drawn out explanations.

My honest response is "I'm looking for an LTR" which is true but I don't elaborate unless they respond with a similar " that's what I want also"..... all of the rest are fairly clueless........
Thanks Sage,

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