How to stand out when outnumbered ????????  

yesoyes2021 69M
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10/4/2021 11:46 am
How to stand out when outnumbered ????????

Hello ,
Haven't posted my blog in a while but thought of a subject that should be shared :

How do you stand out from the crowd and get noticed enough actually have a conversation or meet ???

The ratio of men women is roughly 20 1......yup , for every female member are 20 members ......

Since is a high demand versus supply commodity this really puts the women in the drivers seat ......which is ok unless your messages , flirts, hotlist strikes and other forms of communication are getting buried in a deluge of the thing the lady you are chasing after. How often do you read a ladies profile that has a comment something like :
Hey thanks for all of the messages and flirts but I can't answer them all because are soooo many "....

Okay guys and gals : what do you do standout and get the ball rolling in the right direction???

1deeptouch 79F  
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10/25/2021 6:43 am

Ok, it looks like you do have your own answer here. Read her profile. Notice some things that interest you and that you have in common. Write a short paragraph email that speaks appreciatively to that or as intelligent questions about something that you want to know more about, if she cares to tell you.

It is not anyones obligation to answer an email that has been unsolicited, FYI folks. Don't take it personally. Just appreciate an email when you get it, knowing your email was well received, too.

Initial emails or IM that just says hello is rather lame. There is nothing interesting to reply to then.

yesoyes2021 69M
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10/27/2021 6:57 pm

Hello Sage,
Thanks for sending a response to my blog, I appreciate the fact that you took the time to do so. The question was something that has weighed on my mind for a long time -- the fact that most women are buried under hundreds of messages from the huge number of male members that outnumber the woman 20-1.

Its gets discouraging to do the things you recommend only to be left out in the cold - now that I know what the score is I make a concentrated effort to initiate my initial message with something substantial and not just the usual " Hello , how are you " which I agree is pretty lame.
Thank you #1 Fan ,

plzthese40ds 46M/43F
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12/25/2021 6:48 am

Where is this 20:1 ratio being generated from? Is this just a guess of yours or do you have some proof to back you up on where this ratio was generated from? 20:1 seems really low, in my opinion. First, we must overhaul our thoughts and realize a few things, in order to dismiss the nonsense ( fiction ) numbers, in order to base any ratio into realistic numbers. We must realize that there are likely 90% or more of the so-called "females" on site who aren't even either:
a ) Real people at all ( programmed bots )
b ) Real women at all ( again, bots, scammers, fabricated profiles, catfish, etc )

Once that chunk of the ratio would be determined and omitted from the ratio ( which it can't be ), then you'd have a relatively accurate number of how many REAL and LEGITIMATE women exist on the site. From here, you could determine a rough gender ratio figure, based on these facts.

But moving on from your perspective of success rates, there's a catch to that, too. Not everyone uses this site for purposes of meeting. Some ONLY use this site as a form of social media. So again, we'd have to omit those who are ONLY on the site for social media purposes, to get a rough number of finding out who are here seeking meets ( again, impossible to determine ).

And still, it doesn't end there. Once you have the breakdown of finding out which women are REAL and which women are here really seeking meets, you still have plenty of hurdles, such as:
a ) Determining which women are actually straight or bi and who are seeking men to meet.
b ) Distance.
c ) Compatibility in personality / age.
d ) Compatibility in what you both equally seek.
e ) Being able to communicate with that person...whether that person be flaky or whether this site itself with all of it's quirky functionality, membership level, limitations and endless restrictions actually allows for two people to hit things off via chats and a means to communicate to actually have it evolve. Of course, the site is a business and attempts to restrict people from getting to that level, so from the start you're bumping heads and at a disadvantage by default, much less having to deal with the massive male competition and bombardment that any such female on site is getting hammered with.

I have always thought the realistic gender ratio to be more like hundreds of men per one REAL woman on site ( who is here in search of meeting men, mind you ). I think this is much more the realistic figure over your 20:1 ratio.

As for how to stand out: It's hard to say. Again, very few women exist on the site and even fewer seem to be seeking men to meet, local, etc.. It's hard to attract women when just about no real ones exist to begin with. But if you're giving it your best shot, I'd say the key to success by standing out from the rest would be to bring your A-game to the table. Here are some examples...:

a ) Be yourself.
b ) Show current pics ( G-rated, preferably ). Your main pic should be especially one in which would attract visual attention. Think of it as "bait" to draw in a potential woman to want to open your profile to begin with.
c ) * Make sure your profile is filled out.
* Have the contents described in decency.
* Keep it relatively clean in nature.
* Don't make it sound selfish, but rather involve a potential woman within your contents ( remember, it has to serve her some favorable purpose to want to chat or meet with you [again, keep it clean and free from sexual nonsense] ).
* Keep your profile relatively at a medium length.
If your profile description is too short or vague, it reflects laziness to the reader and brings up more confusion, if's and questions that your profile serves as defining answers to them.
On the other hand, if your profile is too long, then most won't bother reading it because it's completely overwhelming to read and to take in so much info ( remember, most are on cell phones these days, so reading a book of paragraph after paragraph isn't practical to most readers to take on ).
* Keep balance between you and the person you're contacting. Not everyone on the site composes messages in very much depth these days, but try to find that middle ground of communication between you and her. Example: if she writes three sentences, she probably expects about the same in return to be able to digest at a time, so reply back in three to four sentences. Keep balance. Remember, once the chat ball begins to roll in motion, don't lose that momentum or you'll likely lose her interest quick. Communicate, communicate, communicate! Don't allow two days to lapse, then return back out of the blue and say "sorry, I was busy two days ago".

Hope the pointers help.

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