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Younger Women for Older Men


This group is for Women who prefer Sophisticated, Wiser. more Mature Skilled Lovers and for the Sexy sophisticated Older Men that enjoy Younger Women. While the group is open to all ages, men under the age of 30 should reconsider whether they should join.


1. No ads, including those looking for someone in a specific geographic area. Your profile is your ad and the search function works wonderfully for finding people in your area. For meet and greets, contact the Moderator directly for the requirements and approval.This is a discussion group!!

2. No personal attacks on other members. As a discussion group, differences of opinion will arise. Remember to think first, react second. Also, we all filter things through our individual prejudices. Repeat offenders will be banned.

3. NO Posts regarding pedophilia or bestiality.Neither are legal and won't be tolerated here. Otherwise, we are a pretty relaxed and open-minded group and will discuss almost anything.

4. No Cams in the Chat Room due to the abuses of the few. Also, there is to be no cybering in the chat room for the same reason as no cams.

For examples of what not to post.. please read the:

The women in this group don't suffer fools gladly as you will see in this post:
Help me get more pussy.....
This is just an ad..perfect example of what not to post on your initial posting:
Maine professional man new to the group
An Oblivion
is there anybody who want to suck my cock ?
Women post ads, too!
Looking for older white men to talk nasty to dirty black girl
Another Oblivion and Doesn't Use Spell check!
hi ladies i want to feel the warmth of ure tongue on my cock as i stroke on cam for u lovely ladies
Another clueless oblivion
i'm so horny
How Not to Impress the Women of the Group
This is smaller than in the past..just make sure you don't find yourself here!
The following should be read by new members:
How to spot a phony
another helpful hint for the guys...your photo
Reference Post: Why do younger women like older men / why do older men like younger women
A short treatise on Internet behavior
the Drool Patrol and other Terms
Sage Advice
Real Life Experience
[group_post 3120942]
[group_post 516143]
Newbies, Lurkers, and other assorted people afflicted with DFR Syndrome
A Reminder for all members - must read
Chat Room Info and Party Times
A group policy...must read

Now get to know us through these past postings under the heading of:
The Best of ... YWFOM
Great debuts!
[group_post 1591946]
My Choices for a YFOM Calendar of the Women!!!
Trainme's picks for the YWFOM Best of 2008
Trainme's Picks for the Best of 2009
Trainme's Picks for the YWFOM Best of 2010
Trainme's Picks for the Best of YWFOM 2011
Author, Author!
The Hot Seat Victims Hall of Fame

Read them and see what fun times are had here and the great friendships that have been formed.


You must post in the NEW GROUP MEMBERS thread within two days after joining the group, and you must post at least twice a month to the other threads in order to maintain "Active" status and access to the Live Chat room.

If you do not meet the minimum posting requirements, you will drop to "Associate" member status...the site does this, not the moderators. This means that if your photo was on the front page, it will disappear, and you will lose Live Chat room privileges, but you will still be able to read and respond to group discussion threads. You have not been dropped from the group...that only happens if you click on the "Leave this group" button, or if you're banned by one of the moderators.

If you start posting again, your photo will reappear, and you will regain Live Chat room privileges, but it may take a day for the site to update your status...again, the moderators have no control over this.

Finally, for suggestions to improve the group; please post in this thread:

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Topic(s): Aging/Age Differences
Associate Moderators: SomewhereSE, foundluv694me, rm_trainmepls1, wannacoppafeel

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