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A Funky Lawn Mower Gets Me My First "Older Woman"   5/4/2019

This story goes back more than a few years. I had a close friend Danny who I had known for over 10 years. His mom was a genuine 'Looker" his parents had been divorced since before I met him.

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Family Handyman Final Chapter 2   2/8/2019

For those of you who are wondering just how my two weeks with Beverly went I'll add more of the events that happened before I headed back north I was lying in bed trying to come back to l

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Testing The Water Part 7   2/5/2019

It had been a fun two weeks in the office watching Coleen. The first few days she had been very tense worrying that our little secret would somehow be brought into the open. As the days passed she see

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Family Handyman Final Chapter   2/3/2019

I has been fun thinking back to days long past and putting 20 years of memories into what has been described as a wild week. One final fun two weeks of pleasure and I'll be done. A word of cautio

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Family Handyman Part 8   2/2/2019

Mary slid her body down mine until we were face to face, Her fingers played in my hair as she smiled "That was very special too watch, so sexy but real physical, it sure has me on fire" she

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Family Handyman Part 7   2/1/2019

OK folks, I to pull Mary's tit out of my mouth and give you a bit of back round for a few minutes so what happens soon makes sense, don't worry it's not too boring. This part is all real

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Family Handyman Part 6   1/31/2019

Sitting on the sofa, fully dressed and relaxing, I watched as the women got dinner ready and the table set. The kinky thought of my gang of little pink snappers cooking the red snapper I had caught ea

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Family Handyman Part 5   1/30/2019

Standing under a nice hot shower, giving my self a good scrub and enjoying the refreshing feeling. My had moved down to my cock and balls with plenty of shampoo to give them a good cleaning. My balls

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Family Handyman Part 4   1/29/2019

MIL was drinking her coffee and working on her crossword when she asked " going to be home all day, maybe you'd like a nice big breakfast, can't expect a man to work hard on an empty stom

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Family Handyman Part 3   1/29/2019

Well, the fireworks should start soon but I needed a Pepsi and walked into the kitchen to get one. Popped the top and was sipping it down when SIL came walking in, she came over to me and gave me a bi

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Family Handyman Part 2   1/28/2019

I was up bright and early the next morning. Walking out into house I saw MIL at the table with her toast and coffee working on her crossword. She looked up and asked "Sleep well?" "Like

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Family Handyman   1/28/2019

This story is a combination of events that happened in this house but not all in the same week as they are set here. Mother in-law lived in the Clearwater FL area and I would usually go down the

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Testing The Water Part 7   1/27/2019

Four days after my wonderful night with Coleen wifey and I are awakened in the middle of the night with a phone call. Mother in-law has had a heart attack, that leads to a hectic rest of the night try

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Testing The Water Part 6   1/26/2019

I moved back up beside sweet little Coleen pulling the covers with me and snuggled tight against her. My arms wrapped around her from behind, my face buried in her hair and holding a tit in each hand

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Testing The Water Part 5   1/25/2019

Life in out little den of sin was moving along just fine. Wifey and I were both enjoying ourselves. There came a time when one of the wives decided she wanted to start a family and was going to drop o

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April Comes in September , The Old Fashioned Way   1/15/2019

Our adventure of the last two years is coming to an end. In 4 days I'm off to college. The last weekend April, Rita and I had spent what would be our last time together time together. It had been

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Life Really Is AN Adventure   1/12/2019

These last few weeks I've been bored almost to death and sharing adventures from my long ago past, for the most part 20-30 years ago. Just to show the adventure doesn't have to end here's

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Buy a Fish a Bicycle End End End   1/11/2019

For those of you needing every last detail, I'll finish that night off, yep it got pretty wild but at the end of this part there just isn't anymore to tell. Up over Robin on my hands wi

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Buy a Fish a Bicycle...Ending   1/10/2019

Both of us were still catching our breaths as I said to her "Wow I didn't have to do much peddling at all, just hung on for dear life" She looked at me and said " so sorry, I sure h

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Testing The Water...Part 4   1/10/2019

The drive back home was short, only 10 minutes but it had it's hazards. Every place I looked it was the same, those milky white tits with erect lite brown nipples just hanging there Turning off th

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Buy a Fish a Bicycle   1/9/2019

I've seen a lot of stories posted here about contractors. I played contractor on and off for over 30 . Never a big time, big project kind of guy, just did small projects when I had some free time

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Testing The Water Part 3   1/8/2019

She came walking back into the bedroom, arms loaded with pillows, "This is every pillow we own" she said dropping them onto the bed. She just stood there for a moment beside me seeming to se

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Testing The Water Part 2..   1/6/2019

Still locked ever so tightly in a lovers embrace like I hadn't felt in years my mind tried to comprehend how a woman who just an hour ago seemed to trying her best to find an excuse not to, was no

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Testing The Water Part 1   1/6/2019

I'm in the Army, stationed in Germany. Wife and I are doing just fine. Life seems just fine exploring a new country and enjoying the sights. It does take awhile feeling comfortable on the 'eco

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Sister In-law...Cat gets me my first ass   1/3/2019

100% fact! Mid 80's I'm in the army stationed in Germany and being transferred back to the US. We had no but 2 large dogs and a cat. We decided I will go ahead find a house then wife will

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What are Friends For Part 5   12/29/2018

Two content and spent bodies we sound asleep the next morning at 8 am when Sue came walking into the bedroom asking "Are you two going to sleep all day?" We both just looked up at her smili

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What are Friends For Part 4   12/29/2018

Honest to God balls deep inside a warm wet woman I felt her hold tighten on me. Sliding in and out of her the moans became louder and the hold tighter. Her hips rose to meet every thrust. Every nerve

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What are Friends For Part 3   12/29/2018

The adventure continued and at times still does. After our time in the hot tubs the gals got dressed and left Sandy was a married woman so thoughts of it happening again were remote at first. Sue

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What are Friends For Part 2   12/29/2018

After a few more minutes of chit chat Sue said we needed some time in the hot tub to relax. I looked over and Sandy and didn't see her ready to jump up but Sue grabbed her hand and pulled her down

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What are Friends For Prat !   12/29/2018

Last year we had a bad storm in the area that knocked out power for three days. I was fortunate enough to have a generator so my house was just fine with heat and running water. I offered it to severa

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