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Oct 2, 2017Younger Women for Older MenAnother one bites the dust...1   
Sep 7, 2017Younger Women for Older Menany one ever meet from this site1   
Aug 13, 2017Younger Women for Older MenA delicate matter1   
Jul 16, 2017Younger Women for Older MenOne reason participation is down...1   
May 11, 2017Younger Women for Older MenAFF imploding on itself1   
Mar 8, 2017Younger Women for Older MenEarning My Flushing Out Badge1   
Feb 2, 2017Younger Women for Older MenAnother poser/fake stands me up for lunch1   
Dec 20, 2016Younger Women for Older MenHappy Christmas, Blessed Yule.. whatever works for you...1   
Nov 4, 2016Girls who Love anal SexAnal is Great I Love it1   
Apr 1, 2016Older Women and Younger MenDoes it really work?1   
Apr 1, 2016Girls who Love anal SexAm I the only one...4   
Apr 1, 2016Younger Women for Older MenNEW GROUP MEMBERS ---> Introduce yourselves here FIRST!!! (April 2016)1   
Jan 6, 2016Real Cougars on the hunt !A Christmas Wish1   
Dec 3, 2015Girls who Love anal SexNew to the group1   
Jul 29, 2015BlackAnalLovingWomen/WhiteMenHeya1   
Nov 5, 2014LOUISVILLE BBW'SAnyone alive?1   
Nov 1, 2013Older Women and Younger MenAnyone still alive?3   
Jul 11, 2013NSA eating pussy ...Pearl Diving1   
May 7, 2013Girls who Love anal SexWhat do Ya all think??1   
Mar 3, 2013BlackAnalLovingWomen/WhiteMenOK, so there are no black women who like anal sex...1   
Feb 22, 2013wht. men looking for black womi love WHITE COCK1   
Jan 5, 2013Older Women and Younger MenNeeding that young man for play !!2   
May 11, 2011LOUISVILLE BBW'SVisiting Louisville in July1   
Mar 27, 2011wht. men looking for black womHello?1   
Dec 26, 2010Older Women and Younger MenNeeding that young man for play !!2   
Nov 26, 2010BlackAnalLovingWomen/WhiteMenalways looking to play?2   
Oct 23, 2010wht. men looking for black womI long to be tasted...1   
Sep 27, 2010LOUISVILLE BBW'SLouisville groups dead?1   
Aug 28, 2010wht. men looking for black womAnyone still alive?1   
Jun 25, 2010wht. men looking for black womLouisville anyone?1   
May 11, 2010LOUISVILLE BBW'SWould love to see all my friends, lol...1   
Oct 15, 2009LOUISVILLE BBW'SAny women still active in here?1   
Mar 19, 2009Older Women and Younger MenSo anyone still on here?2   
Aug 16, 2008Older Women and Younger MenWhere are all my young hot studs : )1