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MissTea74 48 / W
"Due, to some very nasty Messages from men i rejected for money and to meet and just filling my inbox on a daily. in a disrespectful and almost hateful manner i was wrong to believe i lived in a time where a woman could be sexual and not viewed in a neg"
Belleville, Illinois, USA
Letzter Besuch: Innerhalb von 3 Tagen
Mitglied seit: 4. Mai 2022

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Illinois, USA
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MissTea74 48/W
Belleville, Illinois
I’ve leaving..,done. Too many unhealthy men on this site. Sorry to all the good ones.I thought this was a safe forum for like minded people.
i am going to be taking deleting my account. Shame because i have had the pleasure of being turned on by ya’ll getting turned on by my vids and photo’s it’s been fun but, just too much negativity and, anyone that HAS met me, knows i am extremely confident and comfortable with my sexuality. I will not be entertaining any more attempts of meets i am 5’4” 115 lbs, and sooooo many men think i think so little of myself that i will groom and rush to their hotel rooms, or have them at my home where i live alone with my 16 year old . I am a quality woman, that has a lot of self respect. Dispote what you all think. I was just trying to find a like minded person that lived close to build a friendship with and hopefully have some immediate sexual chemistry. The videos you all watch is actually for the most part, the same of 2 men.That I’m satisfied enough with. Plus my extremely kind, respectful and supportive Sir.They know me, respect me and are the best sex a woman can ask for.Plus,i have been lucky to meet an amazing couple that although they live far away. We clicked on all levels so, i got what i need, even if it’s not exactly everything i had hoped for. Close, available to not just have sex 🙄, but to have a buddy, i could have over, occasionally go out with, and just have in my life on a day to day. I am soooo over spending hours messaging and or texting. I work with my hands and just don’t want to have a textint xhattint friend. It’s extemely time consuming and honestly, gets annoying after a while. And, tired of spelling everything out, over and over again. Nobody uses the phone anymore. A much better way to get to know someone after a few texts and absolutely after meeting. I did make a friend, and we’ll see. He’s far too but has been willing to make the drive, not just for sex either, but to bring food and hang out. I am lonely where i am. I thought the site was for like minded people living the lifestyle. I find most of you men act like it’s a catalog of woman that will just run to your hotels or have random men over to soread their legs for. That’s not me. Not by a long shot. I have deleted my profile and updating because of the good men out there with the right intentions that i thought aff was about but, evidently not. Men, after nearly a year on this site as an attractive sexual kinky female this is for you to get more activity on with your Page. Do’s and don’t s: Men i have answered, why i respond or why I’ve ignored. Profiles: Photo’s, dock pics show us nothing. We know you’re proud, but, does not tell us anything about how it works, or what you actually look like. Only thing it’s done for me, is show me if someone is just too big for me. But, i know there are plenty of women that like so, one is not horrible. For me personally, a jacking off vid is nice, shows size, girth, tilt and mmm…i love cum, so, how a man cums, how much and the insides or things he says CAN make or break. We don’t so much need your face on profiles but when messaging, it’s not a bad idea in order to get a response. And asking for an exchange it’s only fair and shows a level of trust that is essential with a life style playmate. HAVE a profile pic! Do, neck down, you can always smug out tattoos and such if you’re worried about jobs etc. the more pics the better because even with dick pics, how do we know that is in fact you. Make a profile! Take the time to write out a pretty specific profile on what you do and don’t like. If you’re a pleaser or want to be pleased (i am a pleaser, i want someone that understand that pleasing them pleases me, me personally do not wish to be kissed from head to toe. That is for a life partner and more intimate relationship, let’s not be confusing) I have answered profiles that are even off the wall funny. Like a guy saying he had leaporcy. And his cock fell off but they cured the disease and was able to salvage his cock sew it back on and he wants a test driver. To contact him during a half past a freakle a quarter to an age spot at the corner of “pussy place and dominant cock” in the cardboard box. This is obviously not true, but, who doesn’t want to be around someone that has a good sense of humor and can make them laugh? Even tho he was way to far from me, i had to respond and thank him for putting the effort in making me laugh. Stop asking women to meet them in a hotel room or your house or if they would have you over. That is just not safe! Unless the woman is armed and knows martial arts. She is just dumb (i will admit, i was naïve and learned…duh! What was i thinking!” If there is any woman in your life that you cared about, you would never want them to do that. If your intentions are in the right place, think! Even suggest a phone call if like me, she is just tired of the work taken for meets and the weather is not favorable or time is limited. It is a great way to actually know, that you are actually a man, and a much better way to get to know…

Der ideale Mensch für mich distance can really make or break on my end because of responsibilities. within 20 minutes of Belleville or Fairview heights. IL . Be in Shape! even after two full term pregnancies and breast feeding, So please, look good! , fit, i love w good set of shoulders (much more w turn on then all the over done endless angles of yout cock, i get you’re very proud but, does mean shit as far as how you are in bed or even how you look) Absoute bare minimum age is 35, and still probably questionable, if you’re gionna be that young, you be chiseled and look like a young stud and fuck like one too.. ultimate age is 40-55, but gotta be able to hold wn errection and cum get hard again and cum again in a couple hours opening minded to playing with men and women. Kinky kinky, passion not pain, little rough play nothing extreme. Available week ends. I truly appreciate all the fan mail but, please, my inbox gets so full, posting comments and likes honestly makes me wet, thinking about all the men, women, couples getting turned on wnd even pleasuring themselves or each other while watching me. 🤤

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  • 48 / weiblich
  • Belleville, Illinois, USA
Sexuelle Orientierung:
Bi-Neugierig / Keine Antwort
Auf der Suche nach:  Männern, Paaren (Mann/Frau), Gruppen oder Paaren (2 Männer)
Geburtsdatum: 18. Juli 1974
Würdest du umziehen?: Vielleicht/Ja
Familienstand: Geschieden
Körpergröße: 5 ft 4 in / 162-165 cm
Körperbau: Schlank
Rauchen: Ich rauche manchmal/in Gesellschaft
Trinken: Ich trinke wenig/gelegentlich in Gesellschaft
Drogen: Ich benutze Freizeitdrogen nur gelegentlich
Bildungsstand: Ausbildung
Beruf: Health care
Ethnie: Weiß
Religion: Agnostiker(in)
Habe Kinder: Ja. Wir leben manchmal zusammen.
Möchte Kinder: Nein
BH-Größe: 34 / 75 A
Spricht: Englisch
Haarfarbe: Braun
Haarlänge: Mittellang
Augenfarbe: Grün
Brille oder Kontaktlinsen: Beides
Meine Trophäensammlung: