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NioNBi 61 / 39 / P
"Welcome to De-clutter and Chill-out in a Tantric Way and to Swing in Harmony"
Dehiwela, Sri Lanka
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NioNBi 61/P
Dehiwela, , Sri Lanka
We Welcome Clean and Healthy Couples, Males and Females to De-clutter and Chill-out with Nudism and 4 Hands Massages in a Nuru/Tantric Way!
GREETINGS FROM SRI LANKA! WELCOME TO EXPERIENCE OUR EXPERTISE MAGICAL 04 HANDS HEALING TOUCH and the warmth of our bear bodies sacredly and PROFESSIONALLY IN A NURU-TANTRIC WAY ON A STIPEND BASIS AND TO FEEL MORE SENSUAL AND INTIMATE MINGLING SOFTLY IN A DELICATE WAY PASSIONATELY AND PRIVATELY, IF YOU LIVE OR IF YOU HAPPEN TO VISIT IN SRI LANKA ON A BUSINESS TRIP OR FOR A VACATION. "Welcome to De-clutter & Chill-out in a Tantric Way and to Soft Swing Sacredly and in Harmony" DO YOU WISH TO GET TO KNOW US WELL! Why, Who, What, When & Where we are .... HERE'S THE WAY ....! [bling 761811] Until you get an opportunity to meet us physically, you can be our "TOP FAN", LIKE & COMMENT ON OUR GENUINE PHOTOS & VIDEOS AND FEEL FREE TO EXPRESS YOUR DESIRES BY MASSAGING OR CHATTING WITH US often more regularly! [bling 764945] First, have a basic insight of us and about our professional, private, sexual and social caliber by going through our GENUINE INFORMATION presented herein. Now, if you wish to obtain our professional services and to begin a close and excitingly intimate soft carnal relationship, feel free to WATCH, TIP, LIKE & COMMENT ON our Genuine VIDEOS & Candid PHOTOS ….. Go through our Introduction, Question & Answers, Group Posts, Polls & Blogs. TAKE OUR ‘BLING’, BE OUR ‘#01 TOP FAN’, SEND US A FRIEND REQUEST and MESSAGE us regularly to get in touch with us and you to express yourself to us clearly. [bling 764447] Exclusive couples, males and females are welcome to us to take you beyond your Sensual Imagination through our Professional Hands-on & Hands-free "04 Hands Tantric Massages", Naturism, Nudism & Healing Programs and to have unforgettable experience in psycho-sexual health-wellness boosting activities professionally and to enjoy soft swinging, or soft swapping passionately and other soft mutual kinks and fantasies very privately and more intimately for mutual pleasure. [bling 761812] We two are Happily Married, Well-educated, Multiple-skilled, Marketing-oriented, Very-friendly, Empathetic, Open-minded, Outgoing, Intelligent, Optimistic, Honest, Loyal, Sensitive, Happy, Compassionate, Adventurous, Passionate, Confident, Caring and Innovative couple in our career & professional life and intimate & carnal life activities. We therefore, expect all the exclusive people who wish to meet us to take our professional career services first and those who then intend to soft swing or soft swap with us in a private capacity after taking our professional services for mutual pleasure to have a certain extent of similarity to our caliber traits stated herein to enjoy the life on a long term basis. OUR CAREER AND PROFESSIONAL LIFE: [bling 760617] Ladies, Gents & Couples get in touch WITH US WITH CONFIDENCE to De-clutter Your Mind & to Chill-out Sensually in a TANTRIC WAY Sacredly! YOU DESERVE A WELL BALANCED HEALING & TANTRIC 04 HANDS MASSAGE to awaken 12 DIMENSION OF WELLNESS & 08 DIMENSION OF LIFE to step off any Psychic & Somatic suffering to gain Holistic Happiness in Life. Sacred Dharma Medicinal Approach and 04 different Levels of Psycho-sexual stimulating | Calming Full Body Scrub| Wellness Nuru | Sacred Tantric | Lifestyle HOLISTIC MASSAGES or FANTASY GRATIFYING MASSAGES are guaranteed to heal you to awaken your illumined heart-mind. Exclusive LADIES, GENTS & COUPLES, are welcome to have a couple [male & female] attended soothing FOUR HANDS MASSAGES well attended by expertise me and my wife to chill-out you in harmony. Yes, we’re highly qualified, well experienced & very friendly. Our rates range from five digits to six digits figures for a session. Visit us with confidence from Monday to Friday between 9am & 5pm to gain the best you deserved on APPOINTMENT. OUR PRIVATE LIFE AND KINKS: [bling 763897] WE ARE WELL EDUCATED, 60kg & 55kg IN WEIGHT, 5'11" & 5'7" TALL, CLEAN, HEALTHY, SLIM, SMART, 57 & 36 YEARS OLD YET YOUNG LOOKING, VERY FRIENDLY & DIGNIFIED MARRIED COUPLE RESIDING IN DEHIWALA, SRI LANKA. We love to live NAKED without artificial cloths only with our Birth Suit by respecting the Nature and Body Equality as much as we possible. We trust that the best way for you to get to know us and each other well is first to have few of our 04 hands sacred tantric massages from us regularly on a professional basis only. Thereafter, if the body chemistry is well compatible with each other, we can meet up on a separate day on a private basis to soft swing or to soft swap and to enjoy our other soft kinks & soft fantasies, in a best possible ways and to interact for mutual pleasure in harmony as stated below in our profile. Accordingly, on the post professional services, for a change, we wish to welcome few of our best regulars to interact intimately and to enjoy with our lives soft mutual kinks, fantasies & desires; HUSBAND: [bling 759913] He mainly love to have vaginal sex with the females on the basis of threesome or full or soft swing/swap to please horny women and Like to Meet Cuckold Couples or any other needy couples/women without any obligation. Further, for a change husband wishes to be a Bottom to any needy Top/Bi guys enabling them to penetrate in his clean and tight fresh ass and to receive anal sex from them in presence of his wife. Highest levels of safety measures & hygienic conditions is a must to have anal sex with the top guys and to have vaginal sex with the female. WIFE: [bling 761814] She loves and seeks to get soft swap/soft swing on the same bed/same room only with the healthy & well hygiene, caring, very few selected guys/couples & females in her husband's presence. She also likes to give soothing hand jobs [MB/Shake] to all the guys with big or small dicks until they CUM and to play with their balls with her feet while she receiving a soft and non-erotic pussy & breast massages from them intimately. OUR BIGGEST AND NOVEL FANTASY OF HAVING A SOFT GANG BAN: [bling 763889] [bling 764946] Now, we are considering to have a very novel and exciting “15M + 01FM Attended Sacred and Soft Gang Bang Healing Affair Session for My Wife”. We look for HEALTHY AND WELL HYGIENE HIGHEST BID 14 GENTS WHO ARE WELL-OFF IN EVERY ASPECT OF THEIR LIVES AND CAPABLE of providing best one-on-one soft sensual feeling sacredly to arouse the wife, while exchanging their positions alternatively as per the guide-lines provided by us. [bling 763896] It is a sacred process of where “15 SELF-CONTROLLED NAKED MALES WITH THIRTY ELECTRIFYING HANDS STIMULATING AND AROUSING EVERY INCH OF WIFE’S NAKED BODY FROM HER HEAD TO THE TOE IN AN UNRUFFLED MANNER SACREDLY, INTIMATELY, SYSTEMATICALLY AND SIMULTANEOUSLY” for more than three to five hours, in order to produce a matchless joy especially for the wife as at end of the day. Beside the wife's joy, in all fairness the act will in the process open the gate for all 16 participants to get well arouse sacredly and to enjoy many a non-erotic yet excitingly intimate and highly sensual soft sex acts with wife which will help to mark the day as “THE RED DAY OF THE SEX LIFE OF ALL”. CONCLUSION AND REALISTIC FUTURE EXPECTATIONS: [bling 761817] Exclusive Couples, Guys & Ladies, please feel free to get in touch with us to have a good time professionally and thereafter privately on a long term basis. [bling 764945] So, until you exclusive people visit us to take our elite range of full body scrub, healing, sensuous, sacred nuru or sacred tantric 04 hands professional massages, Feet licking of the wife, other heath-wellness services and …….. afterward to meet us privately to enjoy mutual kinks softly & sacredly to earn that non-sexual yet highly sensual soft carnal pleasure, ……… feel free to Tip, Like & Comment on our Photos, Videos |like, comment and vote our blogs, polls, articles and to buy our bling, to become our #01 TOP FAN, and to Message us regularly to keep in touch with us. Feel our warm hugs & sacred kisses with LOL! [bling 760852] | [bling 759731] | [bling 762014] | [bling 762623]

Der ideale Mensch für mich No Matter You Are an Adult or an Elderly or a very senior Person, if you can Always Feel Like as an Infant who respect Naturism, Nudism, Human Genetic Body Parts without any erotic or lustful feelings and loves live a Tantric Life, when you come to take our professional services and to mingle with each other carnally for mutual sensual pleasure!

Be prepared and have an Urge to be Only with the Uncovered Skin ….. Respect & Cuddle the Body of Yours and Ours Equally. Ideally we Love & Care for those who Love to be Without Artificial Cloths and willing to Say "No to Artificial Cloths" as much as You Possible to Experience our Professional Services and to Enjoy our Kinks, Nudism & Soft Swing or soft swapping in Harmony and sacredly with us for Mutual Pleasure in a Personal Capacity!

“Love Your Birth Suit, Nature & Body Equality”!

Welche sind deine Lieblingsmusiker oder -bands?:
Engelbert Humperdinck; Bhathiya & Santhush

Welche sexuellen Aktivitäten erregen dich?:
Oralverkehr geben, Oralverkehr empfangen, Analsex, Sexspielzeuge (Vibratoren, Dildos etc.), Rimming, Fetische, Dreier, Gemeinsames Masturbieren, Spiele mit Essen, Eigene "Filme" erstellen, Fisting, Massagen, HUSBAND: Giving Oral Sex Wife Ganga and Safe OS Mums, WIFE: Giving Oral Sex Husband Hasi and Safe OS Dads

Welche Eigenschaften sind für dich am wichtigsten wenn du nach einem Sexpartner suchst?:
Sexueller Appetit, Bereitschaft alles frei zu diskutieren und zu versuchen, Hygiene & Healthiness

Hast du schon mal davon geträumt mit einer berühmten Persönlichkeit Sex zu haben? Mit wem? Was reizt dich an dieser Person?:
We are not crazy for it and not really turn us on in to it as
we respect humanity and all people equally based on their
sexual, educational and social caliber.

Hattest du schonmal Cybersex?:
Niemals! Ich will es körperlich fühlen.

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  • 61/39 / Paar (Mann/Frau)
  • Dehiwela, Sri Lanka
Sexuelle Orientierung:
Bi-Neugierig / Bi-Neugierig
Auf der Suche nach:  Männern, Frauen, Paaren (Mann/Frau), Gruppen, Paaren (2 Frauen) oder Paaren (2 Männer)
Familienstand: Verheiratet
Swingertyp: Andere berühren ohne Sex
Spricht: Englisch, Sinhala
Habe Kinder: Ja. Wir leben zusammen.
Möchte Kinder: Glücklich mit dem, was wir haben.
Unser Trophäenbehälter:
Geburtsdatum: 16. Juni 1961 20. Mai 1983
Heimatort: Dehiwala, , Sri Lanka Dehiwala, , Sri Lanka
Würdest du umziehen?: Vielleicht/Ja Vielleicht/Ja
Körpergröße: 180-182 cm 170-172 cm
Körperbau: Schlank Schlank
Rauchen: Ich bin Nichtraucher Ich bin Nichtraucher
Trinken: Ich trinke überhaupt nicht Ich trinke wenig/gelegentlich in Gesellschaft
Drogen: Ich benutze keine Drogen Ich benutze keine Drogen
Bildungsstand: Doktorand Schulabschluss
Beruf: Massage Therapist Massage Therapist
Ethnie: Asiatisch Asiatisch
Religion: Buddhist(in)/Taoist(in) Buddhist(in)/Taoist(in)
Penisgröße: Lang/Dick N/A
Beschnitten: Nein N/A
BH-Größe: N/A 32 / 70 B
Haarfarbe: Schwarz Schwarz
Haarlänge: Kurz Mittellang
Augenfarbe: Schwarz Braun
Brille oder Kontaktlinsen: Keine Keine