loneleix 61 / M
"Experienced at Life"
Huntsville, Alabama, USA
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loneleix 61/M
Huntsville, Alabama
See my private post box in my blog.... I'm a rough edged stone worn smooth tumbling in rapid water. I'm travelling still. Hungry for things yet unseen and sensations yet unfelt. I sometimes think this forum is similar to putting a note in a bottle and setting it adrift on the vast ocean of the inter webs. If you find my note, my signal beacon of one vibrant soul looking for another; let me know. I've had a couple of people ask me what it is that I am seeking on this site. It's a simple question. I should be able to answer it simply. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be true. I originally thought I would join this site because the people are probably more realistic. I tired quickly of the vanilla dating sites where everyone was seeking their soulmates. I don't necessarily think that is a bad idea but when you get to be close to my age and you think your perfect soulmate is going to magicaly appear on a dating site full of people fresh from unsuccessful relationships perhaps you should examine your motivations instead of blaming the lack of good candidates. There are people on here seeking sex, companionship, and all manner of explicit results. That seems more honest to me. If their brass ring is a little tarnished at least they know what it looks like. It isn't a mythical creature of their own making. I see nothing wrong with relationships for sex, based upon sex. As long as both (or all) people involved are getting what they want and avoiding deception as much as possible; more power to them. I've had a couple of relationships based strictly on sex in that we set the rules beforehand so that no one's expectations were led and they worked pretty well; at least for a while. I even thought that's what I wanted on here when I joined. Then.... I started to read profiles, blogs, and stories on here and I began to occur to me that there are probably people on here that think more like I do than the people on other dating sites. People with high sex drives AND emotional honesty and acceptance. I know you are out there, I have read your blogs. What if I were to meet someone with the same kind of sex drive I have and a similar understanding of what makes a relationship work. The brass ring in my head began to take form. It isn't a polished brass ring, but one well worn and well used. It has been forged by a full life of love, loss, and an eye for the beauty in a sudden storm. I can see the sparkle in an old broken bottle when the sun hits it just right and I can feel the promise in a cold winter wind. I don't want perfection or flawless physical perfection, I want an honest knowing glance; a willing heart, emotional courage and tenacity, and intellectual curiosity. One of my favorite quotes is from Alice in Wonderland. "How long is forever?" Alice asked. "Sometimes, just one second," said the Rabbit. I've had those seconds. I want a life filled with as many of them as possible. That's what I'm seeking. PS I hate to gripe but here goes: I'm 58 years old. I am NOT a suitable choice for most of the young women who are contacting me on here. Save your time and trouble. Whatever it is that you expect to get from contacting men on here; I'm positive you will have better luck contacting someone else. Best of luck to you in your search. Any institutions using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications

Der ideale Mensch für mich I'd like to take you for a ride
Down some rain slick road
Where your thoughts can't hide
And your fears are afraid to go

Erzähle eine deiner liebsten sexuellen Fantasien. Sei ganz offen!:
I prefer to share those individually

Welche sexuellen Aktivitäten erregen dich?:
the ones we both enjoy

Welche Eigenschaften sind für dich am wichtigsten wenn du nach einem Sexpartner suchst?:
Sexuelle Erfahrung, Körperliche Anziehungskraft, Gleiche oder ähnliche Fetische, Sexueller Appetit, Bereitschaft alles frei zu diskutieren und zu versuchen, Niveau der Kreativität und des Interesses an ungewöhnlichem, Ein wenig von allem

Hast du schon mal davon geträumt mit einer berühmten Persönlichkeit Sex zu haben? Mit wem? Was reizt dich an dieser Person?:
Not one that I haven't personally met

Hattest du schonmal Cybersex?:
Ich habe es ausprobiert, aber es ist nicht das gleiche.

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  • 61 / männlich
  • Huntsville, Alabama, USA
Sexuelle Orientierung:
Auf der Suche nach:  Frauen
Geburtsdatum: 6. Dezember 1959
Würdest du umziehen?: Vielleicht/Ja
Familienstand: Geschieden
Körpergröße: 6 ft 1 in / 185-187 cm
Körperbau: Athletisch
Rauchen: Ich bin Nichtraucher
Trinken: Ich trinke wenig/gelegentlich in Gesellschaft
Drogen: Ich benutze keine Drogen
Bildungsstand: Ausbildung
Ethnie: Weiß
Religion: Agnostiker(in)
Habe Kinder: Ja. Wir leben nicht zusammen.
Möchte Kinder: Glücklich mit dem, was ich habe
Penisgröße: Keine Antwort/Keine Antwort
Beschnitten: Keine Antwort
Spricht: Englisch
Haarfarbe: Rot/Kastanienbraun
Haarlänge: Lang
Augenfarbe: Braun
Brille oder Kontaktlinsen: Keine
Meine Trophäensammlung: