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lookinforfun3334 54 / 48 / P
"Almost time to start playing in person again!!!!!"
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lookinforfun3334 54/P
Happy 4th of July!!!!!
[B][COLOR red]Where are the guys that want to have sex? I thought this would go with saying but evidently not: NO RACIST COMMENTS ON OUR STATUS, PICTURES OR VIDEOS!!! WE ARE PAST THAT STUPID SHIT SO MOVE ON PLEASE!!! [B][/B][COLOR blue][/COLOR]You have to be Ok with my hubby watching and taking video. Your face will not be shown. Hi everyone thought it was time for a little update. I (we) have met some great people on here and have had a blast. We are looking forward to meeting even more!!!! I really love all the great comments and likes on my pics and videos. So thank you. I try to keep up with replies but don't always see them right away. :X Now it's time for a little sarcasm because we should all have a sense of humor on here!!!! I do wonder sometimes, especially with guys, why their first email or comment is something like "When can I dick you down?" So first off I can only guess what that means (sounds rough) so not sure if I would let you but who knows!!!! My guess is that it is along the same lines as "pounding my brains out". Have to say not a big fan. I kinda like my brains (and do have some) so would like to keep them if it is all the same. Or maybe it is like "I want to pound your head against the head board until you can't take anymore". Once again not high on my to do list, seems like it would make you dizzy and give you a headache. So lets skip that too. :) Or maybe it is like revenge sex, grudge fucking or you whatever else you might call it. Once again not a huge fan. Besides I don't know all of you so don't know how you can want revenge or have a grudge I am to sweet for that. I believe there are people that can help with those things but don't think they spend much time on here. They usually have offices with comfy chairs or couches you can sit on while they listen to you talk. I hear they are really helpful people. However, if you would like to come give me a little spanking before we have makeup sex that would be awesome. Not sure why I would need a good spanking but think we could find a reason and then have some awesome sex afterwards. {=} Now back to the more serious: Well thought we had added enough to this 5 page endless boring profile but guess not. 1 more item. We are real and want to meet real people in per. For safety and security, and so we know you are real, that will not happen without a phone number and some SMS texting. With that said there are ~327 million working cell phones in the US and only 317 million people. That means just about everyone has a phone and if not get one. The excuses for not having a phone are as follows and after each is our translation. 1. I only have a work phone. Hope you don't lose your job or you are screwed, means I am married, not who I say I am. 2. Mine is not private. Well put a screen lock on it. Means I am not who I say I am, most likely married. 3. I don't have one. Now if you can afford internet service then scrap it for a monthly unlimited plan and send us a number. Not who you say you are, most likely a pic collector or want to get off while chatting. Good for you but there people on here that are much better than I am for that. This list could go on and on and on and will always be the same. Bottom line is no number no meeting. We are all going to have skin in the game before the game clock starts. Pun intended. LOL We are very easy going respectful real people and we just want to chat and meet the same. {=}[/COLOR].[/B] [B][COLOR limegreen][SIZE 2]We are real and want to meet real people in per. We don't mind a little chatting when the IM works (which is not very often so send an email to back up the crappy IM service) but we want to meet real people. So not to seem redundant because this is stated below in different words but maybe it will help to move it up. If you look at all the sex studies out there the average time of actual penetration during intercourse is 9 minutes. Now assuming that if I have sex with you and my hubby (a 3-some which we love) then on average penetration is 18 minutes. Then maybe we go again and it becomes 30 to 45 minutes. That sounds like some hot and awesome fun. IF YOU JACK OF BEFORE YOU GET HERE SO YOU CAN POUND ON ME FOR 45 MINUTES STRAIGHT OR IF YOU "JUST CAN'T CUM WITHOUT HOURS OF INTERCOURSE" WHATEVER THAT PROBLEM IS, THAT IS NOT FUN! I don't want to seem rude, forward, cold, uncaring, mean, not sexy or not into it but guys more than 30 to 45 minutes of true penetration is not fun. If you say you need 4 hours of intercourse to have an orgasm then masturbate for 3 1/2 hours before you get here and leave me the 30 minutes that counts. I love sex and love meeting new people but I don't like getting my brains pounded out for 2 hours straight. Hell I am not as young as I once was and can't hold my legs up that long. I am still very flexible but not for 3 hours. LOL We will not redirect you to another website to pay for something and we DO NOT want money. We want to meet people, have a drink and a normal conversation for an hour or so. Then it is time to get busy, if everyone agrees, and have some fun. Who knows how long the fun lasts but for sure it is never 8 hours of straight sex. Then after there is always time for more conversation. Let's face facts my little kitty loves to be petted and stroked and it loves cream. But like any good kitty after an hour or so of that it wants to stretch out on the couch have another drink and talk for awhile. She might want to be petted again later but if not get yours the first time. If seconds are in order don't worry the kitty will wake you up!!!! {=} As long as you are kind, respectful, interested and at least 1/4 sane, and just for reference if you are on this site you can never be 100% sane by societies definition, we will be interested. We do not judge based on race, body size, any socio-economic background, sexual preference, age or where you are from. Hell we don't even care about your politics. We must already have enough in common or we would not be meeting in the first place. We like to talk to folks from different cities, countries, different backgrounds, cultures. Shit we even learn some things from y'all every now and then, well really every time and that is awesome. And on top of all that we all get laid!!!!!! We just want to have good times with interesting people. :) We are very easy going, non judgmental people that like to make friends over dinner and or drinks and then really get to know one another on a whole new level.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B] [COLOR indigo]If you want to meet and you are sane we will play. We are looking for NSA sex with like minded people. We are a very laid back couple looking to find new friends. We enjoy full swap, same and separate rooms. We also like group sex but we both enjoy swapping more. We also enjoy meeting single guys and gals for 3-somes and maybe more-somes. All of the experiences we have had so far have been great and we are looking forward to more fun evenings. We will also play alone but only after everyone meets and we play as a couple first. We usually like to meet for drinks to break the ice. We prefer to play at our home or yours, not really into the hotel thing. We are busy but are usually free 2 or 3 evenings a week with a little notice. [/COLOR] [SIZE 3][/SIZE] [B][COLOR red]We have been on this site for several years now and it only takes 1 or 2 emails to decide if you want to meet. The rest can be decided over a drink. Please be ready to meet if you email us. [/COLOR][/B] [COLOR deeppink][SIZE 4]She is shy in public but warms up instantly in the privacy of her bedroom!![SIZE 4][/SIZE][SIZE 4][/SIZE][SIZE 3][/SIZE][COLOR red][/COLOR][SIZE 3][/SIZE][COLOR red][/COLOR][SIZE 3][/SIZE][SIZE 4][/SIZE][COLOR limegreen][/COLOR] Disclaimer: All institutions or persons using this site or any of its affiliated sites for studies or projects or other purposes. You are not permitted to use any information from my profile or photos or videos in any current and future forum or form. Doing so will be subject to legal implications[B][/B][B][/B][COLOR blue][/COLOR]

Der ideale Mensch für mich
Real people that want to meet! Not looking for endless emails. All races, sexes, sizes and ages are welcome we just want to meet fun somewhat sane people.

Do not bring your personal drama with you and do not make us part of your drama. We are not responsible for managing your personal life. We are here to have fun.

We are looking for men, women and couples that are laid back and easy going. One night stands are great but both of us would like to make a few friends that we can meet with on a somewhat regular basis. He likes seeing her with both men and women. She enjoys seeing him with other women. We have talked to a lot of people on this site and enjoyed it very much. But we are much more into active participation. We are interested more in how you carry yourself than how you look. We are both polite and considerate and would expect the same in return.

Disclaimer: All institutions or persons using this site or any of its affiliated sites for studies or projects or other purposes. You are not permitted to use any information from my profile or photos or videos in any current and future forum or form. Doing so will be subject to legal implications

Erzähle eine deiner liebsten sexuellen Fantasien. Sei ganz offen!:
I would love to come home and find my wife in bed with another
couple. Both of them pleasing her in everyway she desired
and some she has never thought of. After watching for a while
I would join in. She would love to have two guys with no one
else to distract them. That way they could focus on just

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Im Flugzeug

Welche sexuellen Aktivitäten erregen dich?:
Oralverkehr geben, Oralverkehr empfangen, Sexspielzeuge (Vibratoren, Dildos etc.), Leichtes Bondage, Spanking, Dreier, Augen verbinden, Massagen

Welche Eigenschaften sind für dich am wichtigsten wenn du nach einem Sexpartner suchst?:
Die Fähigkeit diskret zu sein

Hattest du schonmal Cybersex?:
Niemals! Ich will es körperlich fühlen.

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  • 54/48 / Paar (Mann/Frau)
Sexuelle Orientierung:
Heterosexuell / Bi-Neugierig
Auf der Suche nach:  Männern
Familienstand: Verheiratet
Swingertyp: Sex mit anderen
Spricht: Englisch
Möchte Kinder: Nein
Unser Trophäenbehälter:
Geburtsdatum: 15. Januar 1969 8. September 1974
Reist zu: Amsterdam, Berlin, Deutschland
Würdest du umziehen?: Nein Nein
Körpergröße: 6 ft 0 in / 182-185 cm 5 ft 3 in
Körperbau: Durchschnitt BBW
Rauchen: Ich bin Nichtraucher Ich bin Nichtraucher
Trinken: Ich trinke wenig/gelegentlich in Gesellschaft Ich trinke wenig/gelegentlich in Gesellschaft
Drogen: Ich benutze keine Drogen Ich benutze keine Drogen
Bildungsstand: Master Abschluss Ein wenig Studium
Ethnie: Weiß Lateinamerikanisch
Religion: Nicht zutreffend Nicht zutreffend
Penisgröße: Durchschnitt/Dick N/A
Beschnitten: Ja N/A
BH-Größe: N/A 38 / 85 C
Haarfarbe: Braun Schwarz
Haarlänge: Kurz Mittellang
Augenfarbe: Blau Braun
Brille oder Kontaktlinsen: Brille Beides