rm_BMW_Jim 60 / M
"Seeking Discrete Fun.."
Watertown, Massachusetts, USA
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rm_BMW_Jim 60/M
Watertown, Massachusetts
Update 04/29/08 Well, I have lost about 150 lbs in the last year and have been hitting the gym 3-4 times a week (getting hooked on the endorphins, wink!), and feeling like a in all respects again, (double wink!!). Libido is in overdrive, haha! Anyway, doing 100 sit-ups a day, pumping the weights and feeling GREAT! :) And now, back to your regularly scheduled Ad: Who am I? Well- I am a married man seeking a wonderful woman for extracurricular fun. I want that understood upfront. Discretion is obviously important. Why would you want to you may ask? Well, I am a funny, fun, caring guy, interested in fulfilling any and all of your delicious fantasies and desires. I do have pictures and will send them once I get to know you a little bit, (discretion, remember?), and would love to receive any you may have. I would prefer an ongoing thing is possible. I enjoy learning my partners, getting to know them and what makes them Really get off. I think that’s the best way to maximize the fun, don’t you? I’m not against one time things mind you, hey- those are always fun too! I have been off and on Adult Friend Finder for a while and am finding recently that there is a lot of “spam and scam” happening unfortunately, so I am forced to have to say this; I am interested in meeting women for REAL. Please do not ask me to sign up for your website or “age verification service”. I won’t. Also, please, don’t use the “I’m in Africa for such-and such a reason and need you to cash some money orders for me so I can come back to the states and be with you” or variants thereof. Believe it or not, I have no less than SIX of these! Ugh! With all that said, why not take a risk? Remember every wonderful, exhilarating experience starts with taking a risk Hmmmmm? Oh, and my new favorite joke; Knock knock Who’s there? Control freak- now you say control freak who… Think about that one! HAHA!

Der ideale Mensch für mich I am seeking a woman like YOU, willing to experience total pleasure. Toe curling, body shaking, pounding the bed, and completely satiating pleasure. (Sounds terrible, huh, wink!) I am seeking a woman that can and will be discrete and I will extend the same courtesy.

Not changing my life, just want to have YOU in it

Erzähle eine deiner liebsten sexuellen Fantasien. Sei ganz offen!:
As she enters the solitary ladies Room she finds that He
is standing there for her. They embrace, passionately
kissing, hands roaming, searching, and seeking. Their
hands find buttons and zippers and clasps, their bodies
aching for each other. He pushes her against the wall, hand
sliding up under her skirt, ripping the thong from her body.
There is no thought, just pure primal lust, permeating
the room as he enters her willing and eagerly awaiting body.
A gasp escapes her mouth as he slides deeply inside her.
Her long legs coil around his hips as they move together
in harmony, gyrating, undulating, tempo increases. He
swings her around and beds her body over the marble sink,
seeing the desire in her eyes in the mirror as he enters her
again forcefully. He raises her leg onto the sink top, as
he slides deeper and harder into her. She moans and moves
her body against his, flesh against flesh. He pulls out
of her only long enough slides his hot member between her
hot butt check and then slides himself in between the mounds
of her lovely ass. She shudders with delight as she fills
herself filled and the heat of him inside her. The tempo
is fast, and she feels him grab her hips tightly as their
bodies tense. Her head tips back, arched hips, pushing
against him, wanting to release the pressure inside them.
He can hold back no longer, his steaming lust spilling inside
her as she writhes against him, her body shaking, knees
weak. There, in the solitary bathroom, 2 lovers join and
become one, reaching to the heavens and back within each
other in primal delight.

As she is called into an emergency meeting, her mind is wild
with thoughts of al the possible business problems that
could have happened to bring this meeting to happen. Her
mind a jumble of problems/solutions, she walks into the
Conference room. Its long table, normally circles with
her co-workers is deserted. The conference phone is gone
from the center of the table, replaced with one single beautiful
long stemmed rose. The normally glaring lights are dimmed,
candles lit in the corners. As she steps towards the table
in wonder, the door closes and locks behind her. Hands softly
sweep the hair from the back of her neck and a gentle kiss
breezes past her neck and ears. The hands slide down her
back, along her business jacket and down to her skirt. Large
hands hold her bottom and slide long the back tops of her
thighs. Slowly they reach around to pull her hips towards
him, sliding up across her stomach and to her breasts. A
gasp escapes her lips as the hands cup her breasts, massaging
them. She feels teeth gently brush against her neck, and
then a tongue, lightly running from just behind her ear
to the bottom of her throat. A light bite. In the distraction,
she hasnt noticed her jacket buttons are undone, but as
the hands touch flesh, electricity fires through her.
He slides the jacket off to reveal her delicious baby blue
bra, breast heaving under it, nipples screaming for more.
As he kisses her shoulders, the straps slide down. He slides
a finger in her eager mouth and then runs the moist finger
along her hot nipple. Rolling it between his finger an thumb,
her body reacts, hips push towards him. She feels his hardness
against her back. She needs him, all of him, now.
She turns to find her man there, smiling with that smile
she knows only too well. The burning desire in his eyes matched
only by the heat waiting to be inside her. As they kiss, his
hands deftly slide the skirt and panties off as they slink
off her body to the floor. Her hands pulling at his pants,
they too join her clothes on the floor. His shirt is off effortlessly
and she runs her fingers along his chest.
He lifts her off the floor and places her on the edge of the
conference table, where she has so often sat under different
circumstance. She lays back on the table, his head slide
between her luscious legs, as his hands slide up the back
of her legs, lifting them in the air and putting her feet
on his strong shoulders to rest. The heavy scent of the rose
throughout the room is slowly overcome by the smell of desire
and want. She feels the heat of his mouth on her bare mound,
his hot tongue knowingly reaching the places she needs
him. She feels her hips come off the table, moving her body
to meet his mouth, hands sliding to guide his head. He knows
her well, reaching for her hips so she does not wiggle away.
Her body is ready for him, of so ready. She is throbbing with
desire and knows he is also. She needs to feel him inside
her. But he resists, wanting to taste her and please her
more. She cant hold back, hips bucking, hand over her mouth
to fight back the screams of delight as she succumbs to his
will. He hands gripping and pulling her harder, she is not
getting away. He has all of her in his mouth, tongue flicking
furiously, savoring every drop of her as she comes.
As the orgasms begin to subside, he cant hold his passion
back any longer. He needs her now. Her body still shuddering,
her stands between her legs and she feels the burning heat
as it slams inside her deeply. In one thrust, he is inside
her, sliding back and forth. He slides out, only to move
his heat across her clit, back and forth, then back inside
her again. Then, only the head of his cock inside her, slowly,
back and forth, and then sliding himself inside her, ,, slowly,
inch by inch. She can feel him fighting back, not wanting
to release. Watching his hard, hot cock slide inside her,
they both know he cant hold back much longer. He can feel
his balls tightening against his body, his steam flowing
down for escape. He sinks himself deep and hard inside her
as they look in each others eyes. She feels her body tense
and begins to shudder again, muscles squeezing around
him tightly. There backs arch, hips smash together as his
fluid boils into her. Slowly moving against each other,
the ebbs of the world slowly start moving back in. with reluctance,
he slowly slides out of her and they quickly dress. The candles
are blown out, the rose in her hand, she quietly slides out
of the conference room and back to her desk.
As she sits in front of her computer, she can feel his heat
still inside her, miniscule drops sneaking out and onto
her lacey blue panties. She crosses her legs, still arching
from the memory, and she feels a light shudder come across
her again. A tingle where he had just been, some still remaining.
Her nipples hard against her bra, her panties moist from
their juices, her cheeks warm with secret pleasures, she
pretends to go back to work. In her mind, she prays for another
Emergency meeting, knowing he WILL be back!

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  • 60 / männlich
  • Watertown, Massachusetts, USA
Sexuelle Orientierung:
Auf der Suche nach:  Frauen
Geburtsdatum: 28. Januar 1962
Würdest du umziehen?: Keine Antwort
Familienstand: Verheiratet
Körpergröße: 6 ft 1 in / 185-187 cm
Körperbau: Durchschnitt
Rauchen: Ich bin Nichtraucher
Trinken: Ich trinke überhaupt nicht
Drogen: Ich benutze keine Drogen
Bildungsstand: Keine Antwort
Beruf: Systems Engineer
Ethnie: Weiß
Religion: Christ(in)
Habe Kinder: Ja. Wir leben nicht zusammen.
Möchte Kinder: Nein
Penisgröße: Durchschnitt/Durchschnitt
Beschnitten: Ja
Spricht: Englisch
Haarfarbe: Weiß
Haarlänge: Mittellang
Augenfarbe: Blau
Brille oder Kontaktlinsen: Brille
Meine Trophäensammlung: