windsjohn 70 / M
"Wanting Playmates"
Pleasant Hill, Kalifornien, USA
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windsjohn 70/M
Pleasant Hill, California
Looking for some daytime fun
I am just a dirty minded married old man looking for fun on the side. I just want to have fun. Got any ideas? I do. I can be very creative. (Since I've been a porn addict since my s. hehehehe)

Der ideale Mensch für mich I'd be lying if I say that I am looking for women around my same age. I am really looking for a partner or partners that want to have fun and try some new things and have new experiences. Mutual satisfaction is great. But It's easy for the man to be satisfied, I find my greatest satisfaction in making you satisfied. Any way I can. That is what puts a smile on my face. Lets' be adventurous together.

Erzähle eine deiner liebsten sexuellen Fantasien. Sei ganz offen!:
It's 7:30 A.M. and it is raining. It looks like it is
going to do it all day. The family has left the house for the
day and you are finishing your coffee and there isn't
anything left in the newspaper to read. "I don't
want to spend this morning bored and alone", you think. You pick up the phone and dial me
up. "Are you busy?", you ask, knowing full well
that even if I am I'll drop whatever I'm doing and
will come over. I answer, "What's your pleasure?"
"You.", You say. "Let's massage
each other and watch the rain fall." By the time I get
from the car to the front door I am soaking wet. "Let me help you dry." "No.",
I say, "Stay in our clothes and let's go out to the back yard." We stand in the
pouring rain and kiss for twenty minutes. The rain is cold. We're soaked and the cold is creeping
under our skin. Now there are two passions flowing;the
necessity to get warm and our desire for each other. As soon
as we hit the laundry room, we strip each others clothes
off and with hands, mouths and towels we start to to dry and warm each other. By the time we get to the kitchen I am
fondling and kissing your bare breasts and you are stroking
me hard. We're falling to the dining room floor and
my stroking you has already gotten you to your first orgasm.
Eventually we make it to the bedroom and by 11:00 the fireworks
start to subside. "I need food.", you say. "How
about some fruit and salad.", I say."Let's
keep it light." Every chance we get we rub against
each other. I begin to play with you with the cucumber. "Whoa
big fella. If you think you can stick that thing in me...? OK, but I get to use it on you too before we eat it."
, you say, " bring the strawberries and cream with
you.", as you head back to the bedroom. "And
I've got plans for that watermelon too."

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  • 70 / männlich
  • Pleasant Hill, Kalifornien, USA
Sexuelle Orientierung:
Auf der Suche nach:  Frauen, Paaren (Mann/Frau) oder Gruppen
Geburtsdatum: 8. Mai 1951
Reist zu: Tucson, Arizona, USA
Würdest du umziehen?: Keine Antwort
Familienstand: Verheiratet
Körpergröße: 5 ft 7 in / 170-172 cm
Körperbau: Durchschnitt
Rauchen: Ich bin Nichtraucher
Trinken: Ich trinke wenig/gelegentlich in Gesellschaft
Drogen: Ich benutze keine Drogen
Bildungsstand: Etwas Grad-School (Masterstudium)
Ethnie: Weiß
Religion: Agnostiker(in)
Penisgröße: Durchschnitt/Durchschnitt
Beschnitten: Ja
Spricht: Englisch
Haarfarbe: Silber
Haarlänge: Kahl
Augenfarbe: Gemischt (Hazel)
Brille oder Kontaktlinsen: Brille
Meine Trophäensammlung: